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Baxter Healthcare

Embedded software development for a medicine distribution machine placed in hospitals, drugsstores of hospitals, eldery homes. These machines are sold and delivered worldwide. At this moment we are still working on further development to refine existings functionalities and develop new ones.

Museum Maluku

Analysis, design and implementation of  a secure and stable network infrastructure for the Museum Maluku which is located in Utrecht. The museum network is divided into three separated segments: 1. a network for visitors and students, 2. a network for staff and personnel, 3. a network to control the exhibition.
Applications that use this infrastructure are: PC Data network, IP Camera Surveillance, Internet Telephony (Voip), Museum Database software (Adlib)
The exhibition is supported with several desktop PC’s that control beamers, touch screens, plasma screens and Sitekiosks. (Sitekiosk is a Kiosk browsing software application to provided limited but stable and secure web access). The exhibition PC’s, are provided with content via a central management server, and can be centrally switched on and off by means of management tools.
Used technologies: Hyper-V, Windows Server 2008 Core, Windows Small Business Server, SiteKiosk, Wireless, IP camera surveillance, VPN, Video editing (Pinnacle), Remote Management, VoIP, Adlib

Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Analysis, Design and development of a CORBA component for controlling an electronic payment device (pinpad). For the TCP/IP communication between the application software and the pinpad a class was developed. Communication was based on XML over TCP/IP. The CORBA module supports multiple threads to be able to process external and internal (timer) events simultaneously.
This project was mainly a one-man assignment. During Analysis and implementation phase, mediator between third-party supplier of pinpad hardware and NS.
Used technologies: C++, TCP/IP, WIN32API, Multithreading, TCP/IP, XML, CORBA, DLL, Electronic Payments protocols (OPI, PIN, MAESTRO, EMV, PCI-DSS standard).


Analysis and implementation of a secure and stable Small Business Server network infrastructure. Migration of an old Windows NT platform to a Windows SBS platform. Technologies: VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL server 2003, Windows 2003 small business server, VPN

Fiom foundation

Development of a web based Management Information System (MIS). The system is hosted on an Windows 2003 server with MS SQL server 2000 and developed using Visual Basic .Net and Crystal Reports. Since May 2007 fully operational. The system is provided with information on a daily basis by social workers and supporting staff. This includes registration of clients, working hours, information request from external organizations. Different category of users retrieve different kind of information from the MIS depending on their area of interest, this can be information such as the number of clients helped during a specific period in time or individual caseloads.
Responsible for delivery of the project and supervision of the team of 4 designers/developers. As co-developer responsible for the design and development of the framework of the application and database access. Configuration of the network infrastructure (Servers, VPN etc) on which the application is running.
Technologies: VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL server 2000, Windows 2003 server, Chrystal Report, VPN

Philips Medical Systems

Development of components (plug-ins) for a Field Service Application for a Magneto Resonance System (MRI-scanner). The application is web based and developed using ASP scripting, Java Technologies and plug-ins written in Visual C++.
Project size: appr. 300 developers.
Technologies: Visual C++, OO Multiple Inheritance, COM, Multi-threading, TCP/IP, ASP scripting, Java, WIN32 API, Purify, Coverage, Quantify, Windows NT, Windows CE

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